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Licensed Financial Services Entities: Fingerprinting Procedure

Pursuant to New York Banking Law Section 22, "every applicant for a license under articles 9, 9-A, 11-B, 12-B, 12-C and 13-B of this chapter and every applicant filing an application to acquire control of a licensee under these articles shall submit simultaneously with an application, his or her fingerprints, in such form and in such manner as specified by the Division of Criminal Justice Services."

Check cashers' employees are required to be fingerprinted as per Part 400.1(c)(4) of the Superintendent's Regulations.

The Department of Financial Services (DFS) uses Morpho Trust USA, as the primary method of obtaining fingerprint information for all applications. Morpho Trust USA Enrollment Services, a division of Morpho Trust USA, conducts on-site fingerprinting.

Applicants and individuals requiring fingerprinting must go to a Morpho Trust USA Live Scan site in New York State to have fingerprints taken electronically. This is the primary, preferred method of transmitting fingerprints to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) for processing. The results are transmitted electronically to the DFS.

Only New York State Morpho Trust USA sites may be used, as this program operates under contractual agreements between DCJS and Morpho Trust USA. For those who cannot access a New York State Morpho Trust USA site, two hard copy fingerprint cards may be filed with the Department. Once the Department receives the cards they will then be mailed to Morpho Trust USA for manual processing. This method may be more costly, may cause delays in processing applications and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

I. Electronic Fingerprinting at Morpho Trust USA Enrollment Services sites:

  1. Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting by going to the Morpho Trust USA website,, or calling Morpho Trust USA toll-free at (877) 472-6915. Appointment scheduling via the website is available 24 hours, every day of the year. Appointment scheduling via the call center is available 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

When making the appointment, please provide the reason for the fingerprints and the Department ORI number applicable to the application type.

The ORI # NY921822Z applies to the fingerprints for the following types of applications:

Check Cashers license
Money Transmitters license
Licensed Lenders license
Premium Finance license
Sales Finance license
Budget Planner license

The Department Fingerprint Service Applicant Information Form includes the information above, as well as all information an individual will need to provide at his/her appointment. It is recommended that the form be completed and taken to the Morpho Trust USA site for reference and convenience during the appointment.

If the appointment is scheduled through the Morpho Trust USA website, Morpho Trust USA recommends that the individual print out the confirmation page and bring it to the appointment.

  1. A fingerprinting fee of $102.00 is payable to Morpho Trust USA Enrollment Services. Payment can be made either at the time the appointment is made on-line, or when the fingerprints are taken at the Morpho Trust USA site. This fee will cover the processing by DCJS ($75.00), the FBI ($14.75), and the Morpho Trust USA vendor fee ($12.25).

  2. When an individual goes to the fingerprinting location, he/she must bring the following items:

It is recommended that the individual also bring the following items:

  1. At the fingerprinting location, the identification documents will be reviewed, fingerprints will be rolled and a photo will be taken.

  2. The individual will be provided two receipts indicating the individual's name, fingerprinting site location, date and time, fee paid and reason for fingerprinting.The individual must provide one receipt to the Department with the application as proof of the fingerprinting. The individual should retain the other copy for his/her records.

  3. If fingerprints do not scan properly due to image quality reasons, Morpho Trust USA will contact the individual and advise that he/she must schedule an appointment for rescanning. There is no cost for rescanning services.

II. Instructions for submitting Rolled Fingerprint cards to the Department:
(Note: This method is ONLY used when it is not possible for an individual to go to an Morpho Trust USA Live Scan site in New York State.)

  1. The individual must obtain the hard copy fingerprint cards from the Department.

Requests for fingerprint cards should be sent via email to

The email must include:

  • ORI # NY921822Z;
  • The reason for requesting the cards (application type as shown above);
  • The number of cards requested (please note that two cards per person are required);
  • The name and address of the person to whom they should be sent; and
  • A telephone number to call if we need to contact you.

When the fingerprint cards are received, confirm the ORI number printed on them.

Only ORI # NY921822Z can be used for applications related to the types of institutions listed above. If a different ORI # is printed on the cards that you receive, do not use them. Contact the Department via email to request a new set of cards.

  1. The information on the fingerprint cards must be completed according to the Fingerprint Card Instructions. The fingerprints may only be taken by a law enforcement or government agency. The individual must obtain a receipt with information verifying the source of the fingerprinter. The Fingerprint Certification Form must be completed at the time the fingerprints are taken.

Please note that any costs for taking the fingerprints are the responsibility of the individual. These costs are in addition to the fees payable to Morpho Trust USA, as noted below.

  1. The individual must submit the following information directly to the Department as part of the application:

    • Two completed fingerprint cards for ORI # NY921822Z;
    • The Department's Request for Fingerprint Card Scan Services;
    • Fingerprint Certification Form; and
    • Payment of the $102.00 processing fee. The fee includes payment to DCJS ($75), the FBI ($14.75) and the Morpho Trust USA vendor fee ($12.25). Payment options include: personal or business check, certified check, bank check, or money order, payable to Morpho Trust USA Enrollment Services. Credit card payments can also be authorized, using the bottom section of the Department Request for Fingerprint Card Scan Services
  1. The Department will mail all documents to Morpho Trust USA for scanning.

  2. Morpho Trust USA will contact the individual via US mail and advise him/her that fingerprints must be retaken if the fingerprint submission is rejected for image quality reasons.  While there is no additional charge for the processing, individuals may be required to pay a charge by the entity rolling the fingerprints.


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