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Banking Questions and Answers

1. My bank/branch is closed, why or what should I do?

Due to the storm, the banking industry is experiencing sporadic closures particularly in areas of evacuation or effected areas. We have been notified of various closures which we believe are temporary in nature. Normal business will return after the storm passes and the area can recover. Closures are for the safety of consumers and bank staff.

2. I can't get money out of an ATM, what should I do?

We have been receiving notification of sporadic ATMs not functioning - this may be due to power outages. Also, certain areas have experienced high usage and as such the ATM may not be stocked with funds.

If you are in a safe area, you may want to try another ATM at another location, but still remain safe.

3. My credit won't work or the vendor is demanding cash, what do I do?

A credit card may not work for the vendor due to down phone lines or power outages. It is your decision whether to pay cash. Be careful of any price gouging. If you suspect price gouging, please report it immediately to our frauds unit at 800-342-3736.

4. I was to close on a loan/mortgage, but was unable to close.

It's not unexpected due to weather and reported closings, call your institution. If unable to reach them during the storm, contact them after the storm to reschedule the closing. You may contact us again if the lender is imposing any fees for failure to close or changes the terms of your closing.

5. I am unable to make a loan payment due to a branch closing.

Try to make payment on-line or mail payment in. Otherwise call your bank as soon as conditions return to normal.

Updated 11/01/2012