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Insurance Help
For the seriously ill and their caregivers

At the Physician's Office

Obtaining information from your Physician will be very important. Document the insurance information provided by the Physician and verify it with your insurance company.

Before you visit your physician’s office, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Ensure that they accept your specific insurance plan. Be sure to identify your insurance plan by the name of the insurance carrier and plan name.
  • Fax a copy of your insurance identification card to the office before your visit to ensure they will accept your insurance.

During your visit to your physician, you are encouraged to ask the following:

  • Are there any procedures, treatments or prescriptions being prescribed that might need pre-certification?
  • Are there any procedures, treatments or prescriptions being prescribed that may be considered “experimental”?
  • Does the Physician have specific hours when they take calls?
  • Does the Physician or Hospital use labs and testing facilities that are in your network and what are the limitations?
  • Who is responsible for billing/insurance questions and what is the best time of day to contact him/her?
  • Who, other than the patient, can the Physician release information to? (e.g. HIPAA 'advocate')
  • Will the Physician take assignment from the insurer (if allowed under your policy)?

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