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Recent Developments

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Emergency Adoption and Revised Rulemaking - New Part 400 (23 NYCRR 400)


Emergency Adoptions - Financial Services

Proposed Regulations - Financial Services

Excerpts From Superintendent Lawsky’s Remarks On Foreign Exchange Trading, Wall Street Enforcement, And Health Care Payment Reform In Albany, NY

03/12/2015 Speeches and Testimony

Wild Card Report 2013

03/10/2015 Annual Reports

Insurance Circular Letters Nos. 3, 4, and 5 (2015) - Disaster Preparedness and Response


Insurance Circular Letters - 2015

Emergency Banking Regulations:

  • Emergency Adoption of Part 419 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Servicing Mortgage Loans: Business Conduct Regulations)
03/09/2015 Emergency Banking Regulations

Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium Rates for March 2015

03/03/2015 Medicare Supplement Insurance
Superintendent Lawsky’s Remarks On Financial Regulation In New York City At Columbia Law School 02/25/2015 Speeches and Testimony

Final Adoptions of Insurance Regulations:

  • Final Adoption of the Sixth Amendment to Regulation 68-D (11 NYCRR 54-4) Arbitration

Final Insurance Regulations

Proposed Insurance Regulations:

  • Proposed Sixth Amendment to Regulation 79 (11 NYCRR Part 67) Mandatory Underwriting Inspection Requirement For Private Passenger Automobiles

Proposed Insurance Regulations

Emergency Insurance Regulations:

  • Consolidated Emergency Adoption for:
    Fifth Amendment of Regulations 9, 18 & 29 (11 NYCRR 20) Brokers And Agents – General
    Fifth Amendment of Regulation 87 (11 NYCRR 29) Special Prohibitions
    First Amendment of Regulation 194 (11 NYCRR 30) Producer Compensation Transparency
    Third Amendment of Regulation 125 (11 NYCRR 24) Requirements Pertaining To The Location Of An Insurance Agent Or Broker At Each Place Of Insurance Business: Reporting Requirements
    New Regulation 206 (11 NYCRR 35) Title Insurance: Title Insurance Agents, Affiliated Relationships, And Required Disclosures
  • Emergency Adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment to Regulation 64 (11 NYCRR 216) Unfair Claims Settlement Practices and Claim Cost Control Measures

Emergency Insurance Regulations

Insurance Circular Letter No. 1 (2015): Claims for Personal Injury Protection Benefits Insurance in New York State 02/03/2015 Insurance Circular Letters - 2015

Regulation 79 Plan of Operation Filing Instructions

01/26/2015 Filing Instructions
Disciplinary Actions Against Insurance Companies, Agents, Brokers & Adjusters 01/16/2015 Disciplinary Actions
Department of Financial Services Regulatory Agenda and Five Year Review - January 07, 2015 01/07/2015 Regulatory Agenda

Superintendent Lawsky Remarks On Revised Bitlicense Framework For Virtual Currency Regulation And Trends In Payments Technology

12/18/2014 Speeches and Testimony
Insurance Circular Letter No. 7: Health Insurance Coverage for the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria 12/11/2014 Insurance Circular Letters - 2014
Letter to Banks on Cyber Security Examination Process 12/10/2014 Letter (PDF)
Accessibility - Reasonable Accommodations 12/09/2014 Accessibility
Charitable Annuity Reserves 12/08/2014 Life Insurers

Property Bureau Data Call: 2014 Availability Survey, 2014 Annual Free Trade Zone Report and 2014 Special Homeowners Insurance Supplement


Property Bureau Data Calls

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