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Recent Developments

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Regulation 79 Plan of Operation Filing Instructions

01/26/2015 Filing Instructions
Disciplinary Actions Against Insurance Companies, Agents, Brokers & Adjusters 01/16/2015 Disciplinary Actions

Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium Rates for January 2015

01/14/2015 Medicare Supplement Insurance
Department of Financial Services Regulatory Agenda and Five Year Review - January 07, 2015 01/07/2015 Regulatory Agenda

Final Adoptions of Insurance Regulations:

  • Final Adoption of the Regulation 202 (11 NYCRR 227) Regulation of Force-Placed Insurance

Final Insurance Regulations

Monitor Applications Being Accepted - Bank Leumi 12/23/2014 Applications - Bank Leumi
Monitor Applications Being Accepted - Ocwen 12/23/2014 Applications - Ocwen

Superintendent Lawsky Remarks On Revised Bitlicense Framework For Virtual Currency Regulation And Trends In Payments Technology

12/18/2014 Speeches and Testimony
Insurance Circular Letter No. 7: Health Insurance Coverage for the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria 12/11/2014 Insurance Circular Letters - 2014
Letter to Banks on Cyber Security Examination Process 12/10/2014 Letter (PDF)
Accessibility - Reasonable Accommodations 12/09/2014 Accessibility
Charitable Annuity Reserves 12/08/2014 Life Insurers

Property Bureau Data Call: 2014 Availability Survey, 2014 Annual Free Trade Zone Report and 2014 Special Homeowners Insurance Supplement


Property Bureau Data Calls

Licensing: Add A Line Application for Existing Individual/TBA Agents and Brokers


Information page

Agents and Brokers

Excerpts From Superintendent Lawsky’S Remarks On Virtual Currency And Bitcoin Regulation In New York City

10/14/2014 Speeches and Testimonies

Emergency Insurance Regulations:

  • Emergency Adoption of the Third Amendment to Regulation 85 (11 NYCRR 136) Public Retirement Systems

Emergency Insurance Regulations

Insurance Circular Letter No. 6: Standards for Insurance Coverage for Applied Behavior Analysis 10/10/2014 Insurance Circular Letters - 2014
Life Actuarial Opinions and Memoranda: Special Considerations - Reserves and Other Solvency Issues 10/10/2014 Life Reserves and Solvency

Final Adoptions of Banking Regulation:

  • Adoption of New Part 117 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Credit Exposure Arising from Derivative Transactions)
  • Adoption of Revised Part 420 of the Superintendent's Regulations and Supervisory Procedures MB 107 and the Repeal of Supervisory Procedure MB 108 (Mortgage Loan Originators)

Final Adoptions

Emergency Banking Regulations:

  • Emergency Adoption of Amendments to Part 301 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Security at Automated Teller Facilities)
  • Emergency Adoption of Part 501 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Banking Division Assessments)
  • Emergency Adoption of Part 117 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Lending Limits: Inclusion of Credit Exposure Arising from Derivative Transactions)
10/08/2014 Emergency Banking Regulations

Data Call: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

10/07/2014 Emergency Management Data Calls
2013 Holocaust Claims Processing Office Annual Report 09/19/2014 Annual Reports

A&H Product Checklists: Comprehensive Health Insurance Large Group Commercial Insurers Checklist

09/18/2014 Accident and Health Product Checklists and Outlines

Health Insurance Checklists, Model Language, Model Notices & Guidance

  • New and updated information
09/16/2014 Information for Health Insurers

Instructions for Drafting Fraud Prevention Plans

09/12/2014 Fraud Reporting and Information for Insurers
Disciplinary Actions Against Insurance Companies, Agents, Brokers & Adjusters 09/12/2014 Disciplinary Actions

Public Hearings: SBLI Demutualization - August 21, 2014

  • Transcript, Supplemental Statements, and Public Comments
08/29/2014 Public Hearing - SBLI

2014 New York State Consumer Guide to Health Insurers


Consumer Publications

Health Insurance Resource Center

Public Hearings: SBLI Demutualization - August 21, 2014 08/22/2014 Public Hearing - SBLI

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