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The Recertification Process

Once a year, you must recertify that the business continues to meet the eligibility requirements of the Healthy NY program. The recertification date is on your policy’s annual renewal date. Your insurance company will provide you with the recertification form at least 90 days before your annual renewal date.

At recertification, you must confirm that:

If you do not complete and return the recertification form by the due date, then your business’ coverage will terminate. If the business does not continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the program at recertification, then it will not be able to continue in the program. Your insurance company must provide you with at least 45 days written notice that coverage will end due to not meeting the eligibility requirements.

Mid-Year Changes

Mid-year changes in group size, wage levels and employee participation will not result in immediate termination of Healthy NY coverage. If the business does not meet the eligibility requirements at the time of recertification, it will be unable to continue in the program.

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