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Fraud Reporting and Information for Insurers

Reporting Fraud Referrals

Filing Fraud Prevention Plans and Annual SIU Reports

Fraud prevention plans and Annual SIU Reports must be submitted electronically through the DFS portal. Hard copies of the Annual SIU Reports will not be accepted. In order to file the Annual SIU Report, each filing company must establish a minimum of two Portal accounts (for its Trusted Source and two Approvers - an Approver may also be the Trusted Source) and sign up for the FraudsSIU application.

Annual SIU Report for Life Settlement Providers

Pursuant to New York Insurance Law Section 411(e), life settlement providers are required to file an Annual Report with the Criminal Investigations Unit describing experience, performance, and cost effectiveness in implementing Life Settlements Fraud Prevention Plan. The Report also requires information pertaining to your company’s public awareness program required by Section 411(b)(5). The Report must be completed and filed no later than March 15th of each year.

Please send all completed and signed Reports, along with the public awareness questionnaire and supporting public awareness attachments (if applicable), to:

Data Calls

Insurers Writing Private Passenger Auto With 3,000 or More Policies in Effect:

Misrepresentations of the Location Where Vehicles are Garaged or Driven