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Some Current Statistics

Arrests and Convictions: 2002 – 2004

number of arrests 2002 - 2004: 707 in 2002, 811 in 2003, 815 in 2004

In addition to the arrests that resulted from the day-to-day investigations conducted by the Frauds Bureau, several major investigations contributed significantly to the record-high arrests in 2004. For example,

An undercover operation conducted by the Frauds Bureau, the Queens DA’s Organized Crime and Rackets Bureau, the NYPD’s Fraudulent Accident Investigations Squad, the State Police and the Department of Motor Vehicles resulted in the arrest of 80 individuals and corporations– including chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical and massage therapists, as well as two medical clinics and their employees– for their participation in a major no-fault fraud ring.

An investigation by the Frauds Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office led to the indictment of six people and five corporations for their roles in a sophisticated criminal enterprise. Two personal injury lawyers and their law firms, an insurance broker and a licensed acupuncturist were among those charged in this no-fault fraud scheme.

A three-year investigation by the Frauds Bureau, the NYPD’s Auto Crime Division and the Brooklyn DA’s Office resulted in the takedown of an auto insurance fraud ring operating out of an auto salvage yard in Brooklyn. The investigation led to the arrest of 24 individuals including three organized-crime figures with ties to the Gambino and Bonanno crime families.

The number of criminal convictions obtained by prosecutors in Frauds Bureau cases stood at 385 at year-end 2004, up from 324 in 2003.

number of convictions 2002 - 2004: 285 in 2002, 324 in 2003, 389 in 2004

number of fraud reports received 2002 - 2004: 24,578 in 2002, 29,705 in 2003, 22,279 in 2004


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