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Comparing the cost of different long term care insurance policies is now easier than ever before. Using the New York State Insurance Department’s website, consumers can now look at the cost of every long term care insurance policy offered in the state, Acting Superintendent of Insurance Eric Dinallo announced today.

Last summer, the Department announced the rollout of an interactive web tool on its website allowing consumers to compare sample long term care insurance policy premiums. This tool originally included only those long term care policies available under the auspices of the New York State Partnership for Long Term Care Program. The site now includes sample premiums for all individual long term care insurance policies currently offered in New York.

Consumers logging onto, clicking the ‘Consumers’ icon and then scrolling down to the Long Term Care section can retrieve personalized long term care insurance premium rates by submitting the type of policy they would like to purchase, their age, and the number of days they are willing to pay out-of-pocket for long term care services before a policy will begin to pay benefits, and the number of years for which they desire coverage.

Long term care services may include the health care, social, housekeeping, or rehabilitation services a person needs over a period of months or years in order to improve or maintain his or her health and a level of personal independence. Such services are provided not only in nursing homes, but also in people’s residential homes or apartments, as well as assisted living facilities.

To help make long-term care insurance more affordable, 20 percent of the total amount of premiums paid for qualified policies can be used for a tax credit on New York State income tax returns.

Long-Term Care Insurance Resource Centers, operated through local offices for the aging across the state, are also available to help any person interested in learning more about long term care insurance and provide unbiased information about what factors to consider and answer questions consumers may have in examining this important long term care planning option. In addition to using the Department's website, to obtain additional information about long term care insurance or to learn about the local resource center in an area, consumers can also contact the Long Term Care Insurance Help Line at 1-866-950-PLAN or visit


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