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Individuals seeking licenses from the New York State Insurance Department to conduct business in a number of professional categories must submit electronic fingerprints with their license applications beginning Dec. 15.

The new requirement affects applicants with New York State addresses who are seeking new licenses in the following categories:

  • Insurance company officers and directors
  • Public and independent insurance adjusters
  • Professional bail bondsmen
  • Viatical settlement brokers

The paper fingerprint cards that have been used in the licensing process will no longer be accepted on or after Dec. 15 from New York State residents. Applicants residing outside of New York State may continue to submit paper fingerprint cards with their license applications.

“Electronic fingerprinting will streamline the processing of background checks and enhance the Insurance Department’s ability to issue licenses more quickly. Electronic fingerprinting is now available at nearly 100 locations across the state so it will be convenient for applicants to have their fingerprints taken,” Insurance Superintendent James Wrynn said.

The state Division of Criminal Justice Services selected L-1 Identity Solutions to make electronic fingerprinting available. Applicants may make appointments to be processed for electronic fingerprinting by using the company’s website,, or by calling L-1 Enrollment Services at 877-472-6915.

New York’s transition to electronic fingerprinting is based on the national licensing uniformity standard adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). A number of other states already require fingerprinting to be completed electronically by applicants for insurance department licenses.

Electronic fingerprinting will be necessary for life settlement brokers and providers when they become subject to licensing requirements under the provisions of a new law approved last month. They will be required to have Insurance Department licenses starting May 18, 2010. Electronic fingerprinting will also be necessary for life settlement intermediaries who must register with the department starting on that same date.

Insurance agents and brokers are not currently required to submit fingerprints for background checks as part of their license applications. However, the Insurance Department has recommended legislative action which would require agent and broker fingerprinting.

Additional information on licensing requirements may be obtained on the Insurance Department’s website,, or by contacting the Department at 518-474-6630.



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