Statement setting forth the basis for the finding that the proposed Sixth Amendment to 11 NYCRR Part 16 (Insurance Regulation 86) will not have a substantial adverse impact on jobs and employment opportunities.

Amendment of the regulation will not adversely impact job or employment opportunities in New York, or have any adverse impact on self-employment opportunities, because the revision imposes no new or additional requirements on any insurer subject to the rule. The proposed rule amends section 16.4 to remove certain current requirements in order to conform section 16.9 with the revisions recently made to Insurance Law section 6303(a)(3) by Chapter 75 of the Laws of 2013. The rulemaking also corrects: (1) the reference made in section 16.8(e) to section 16.1(f) to read 16.1(j) and (2) corrects an inadvertent revision that was made to section 16.9(a)(2) when that section was updated as part of the consolidated action to amend multiple Parts of 11 NYCRR to revise references that were outdated as a result of the consolidation of the New York State Insurance and Banking Departments into a new Department of Financial Services.

The Department of Financial Services believes that the amended rule will not result in any adverse job or employment impact.