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Section 420.1 summarizes the scope and application of Part 420.  It notes that all individuals unless exempt must be licensed under Article 12-E to engage in mortgage loan originator (“MLO”) activities.  It also sets forth the basic authority of the Superintendent to revoke or suspend a license.

Section 420.2 sets out the exemptions available to individuals from the general license requirements. Specifically, the proposed regulation includes a number of exemptions, including exemptions for individuals who work for banking institutions as mortgage loan originators and individuals who arrange mortgage loans for family members. Also, individuals who work for mortgage loan servicers and negotiate loan modifications are only subject to the license requirement if required by HUD. The Superintendent is authorized to approve other exemptions for good cause.

Section 420.3 contains a number of definitions of terms that are used in Part 420. These include definitions for “mortgage loan originator,” originating entity”, “residential mortgage loan” and “loan processor or underwriter”.

Section 420.4 describes the applications procedures for applying for a license as an MLO. It also provides important transitional rules for individuals already engaging in mortgage loan origination activities pursuant to the authority of the prior version of Article 12-E or, in the case of individuals engaged in the origination of manufactured homes, not previously subject to regulation by the Department of Financial Services (formerly the Banking Department).

Section 420.5 describes the circumstances in which originating entities may employ or contract with MLOs to engage in mortgage loan origination activities during the application process.

Section 420.6 sets forth the steps the Superintendent of Financial Services (formerly the Superintendent of Banks) must take upon determining to approve or disapprove an application for an MLO license.

Section 420.7 describes the circumstances when an MLO license is inactive and how an MLO may maintain his or her license during such periods.

Section 420.8 sets forth the circumstances when an MLO license may be suspended or terminated. Specifically, the proposed regulation provides that an MLO license shall terminate if the annual license renewal fee has not been paid or the requisite number of continuing education credits have not been taken. The Superintendent also may issue an order suspending an MLO license if the licensee does not file required reports or maintain a bond. The license of an MLO that has been suspended pursuant to this authority shall automatically terminate by operation of law after 90 days unless the licensee has cured all deficiencies within this time period.  

Section 420.9 sets forth the process for the annual renewal of an MLO license.

Section 420.10 sets forth the process by which an MLO may surrender his or her license.

Section 420.11 sets forth the pre-licensing educational requirements applicable to applicants seeking an MLO license. Twenty hours of educational courses are required, including courses related to federal law and state law issues.

Section 420.12 sets out the requirement that pre-licensing education and continuing education courses and education course providers must be approved by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (the “NMLS”). This represents a change from the prior law pursuant to which the Superintendent issued such approvals. 

Section 420.13 sets forth the pre-licensing testing requirements for applicants for an MLO license. It also sets out the test location requirements and the minimum passing grades to obtain a license.

Section 420.14 sets out the continuing education requirements applicable to MLOs seeking to renew their licenses. 

Section 420.15 sets out the new requirements that MLOs have a surety bonds in place as a condition to being licensed under Article 12-E. It also sets out the minimum amounts of such bonds.

Section 420.16 requires the Superintendent to make reports to the NMLS annually regarding violations by, and enforcement actions against, MLOs. It also provides a mechanism for MLOs to challenge the content of such reports.

Section 420.17 sets forth the process for calculating and collecting fees applicable to MLO licensing.

Sections 420.18 and 420.19 set forth the various duties of MLOs and originating entities. Section 420.20 also describes conduct prohibited for MLOs and loan originators.  

Finally, Section 420.21 describes the administrative action and penalties that the Superintendent may take against an MLO for violations of law or regulation.


Revised Part 420 of the Superintendent's Regulations
Revised Supervisory Procedure MB 107
Summary of Revised Supervisory Procedure MB 107
Repeal of Supervisory Procedure MB 108
Explanatory All Institutions Letter


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