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Banking Department and Industry Response to September 11th Attacks

"We worked with no lines drawn between state chartered and federally chartered banks, or between banking and securities institutions."

Amidst the crisis, Governor Pataki made his priorities clear-the rescue efforts first, the financial system second. The National Guard, State Police and NYPD were made available to any firm that needed access to restricted areas. The Lincoln Tunnel was opened to the National Guard who escorted armored cars to flood the city with cash, enabling bank branches and ATM machines to remain operational. The industry responded by remaining open when and where they could. The financial system did not falter. The joint effort with the Federal Reserve, the OTS and the OCC was far more successful than anyone could have anticipated.

What was accomplished that day is truly remarkable- a crisis of consumer confidence was averted.

The same people who experienced the traumatic events of September 11th worked selflessly to ensure that the banking system survived and that New Yorkers did not experience a financial crisis. The thousands of financial services employees proved once again their strong resolve and commitment to serve the public. Only one day after the worst attack to hit the United States, the majority of banks in New York were open for business.

Financial institutions waived ATM fees and late fee charges. They were lenient with mortgage payments and helped customers who needed access to bank accounts of loved ones who perished and for whom they did not have death certificates or bank account information.

In addition, banks in New York teamed up with banks throughout the country and raised tens of millions of dollars towards the relief effort and they made it easy for their customers to contribute to the World Trade Center Relief Fund or the Twin Towers Fund.

"When the attack hit just two blocks from 2 Rector St., the Department's Information Technology staff led by Connie Van DeckerInformation Technology staff got the Banking Department up and running at three separate locations within days. On top of this insurmountable job, they also made sure that systems were operational at 2 Rector St.- in less than one month. A staff responsible for one location somehow managed to service four at the same time for the rest of us.

"They worked tirelessly, literally going without sleep many nights, and working every weekend, to make sure that we would have the resources we needed to do our work. Our Technology staff, led by Connie Van Decker, deserves our deepest gratitude for enabling us to do our jobs under the worst of circumstances."

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