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Index of Schedules
New York State Banking Department Directory
Executive Staff

Elizabeth McCaul

Daniel A. Muccia
First Deputy Superintendent

Sara A. Kelsey
Deputy Superintendent and Counsel

Gene C. Brooks
Acting First Assistant Council

Barbara Kent
Director of Consumer Affairs and Financial Products

Diana Rulon
Chief Administrative Officer

Connie Van Decker
Director of Information Technology

Bethany Blankley
Director of Public Information

Christine M. Tomczak
Secretary to the Banking Board

Community Financial Services Division
Manuel Kursky
Deputy Superintendent

Consumer Services Division

Edward B. Kramer
Deputy Superintendent

Criminal Investigations Bureau
Ralph M. Fatigate

Division of Market Regulation
Kevin G. O'Connor

Division of Supervision
Michael J. Lesser
Deputy Superintendent

Employee Relations
Linda P. Wilson

Foreign Financial Services Division
Michael J. Lesser
Deputy Superintendent

Licensed Financial Services Division
Paul J. Fazio
Deputy Superintendent

Mortgage Banking Division
Barbara Kent
Acting Deputy Superintendent

U.S. Financial Services Division
P. Vincent Conlon
Deputy Superintendent