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Index of Schedules
Photo of Governor George E. Pataki. Link to a window for selecting how to view, hear or read his speech to the NYS Banking Department Employees. Governor
George E. Pataki

Address to NYS Banking Employees
of Banks
Elizabeth McCaul

Letter from the Superintendent
Photo of Superintendent McCaul. Link to her Letter to the Governor and the Legislature.




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Table of Contents

  • Tribute to World Trade Center Victims
  • Banking Department and Industry Response
    to September 11th Attacks
  • 150th Anniversary Celebration
    Employee Recognition Awards
  • Exceptional Contributions
  • Longevity
  • State of the Financial Services Industry
  • Commercial Banks
  • Foreign Banking Organizations
  • Thrift Institutions
  • Holocaust Claims Processing Office
  • Criminal Investigations Bureau
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Banking Development Districts
  • "On The Road"
  • Predatory Lending
  • Governor Pataki Addresses the Banking Department Staff
  • Banking Board Membership
  • Office Locations
  • Index of Schedules
    NYS Banking Department