Continuing Education Requirement

In accordance with Insurance Law Section 2132, 15 credits of continuing education (CE) are required to renew or to relicense certain insurance licenses. CE will be required once the license has been in effect for more than 2 years and for every subsequent renewal or relicensing. Credits must be accumulated during the licensing period, which begins with the effective date of the license. In the case of relicensing, you may use credits accumulated in the previous licensing period, plus any completed up to the date that the re-licensing application is submitted.

CE must be completed before submitting the renewal or relicensing application.

Course and or Provider Search

To satisfy the CE requirement you must take an approved course offered by a New York approved Provider.

Providers offer courses covering insurance topics, such as life insurance or property insurance, that are applicable to specific license types and topics such as ethics and New York laws and regulations that are common to all license types. You may take any course that is approved for your specific class of license.

Courses may be offered in the classroom, via webinar or by self-directed study, either online or via textbook. If you choose to complete a self-study course, you must take and pass a final exam to receive credit.

NOTE: Effective November 2, 2020, the requirement that a monitor be present when taking the exam was eliminated.

Contact the provider directly to determine availability and register for courses.

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