Issuing Licenses

The Department does not mail licenses. Once a license is issued (in PDF format) you should save and print the license.

  • Property/casualty brokers: The following wording has been added to your license: "An insurance broker with the property/casualty line is authorized to act as such with respect to any and every line of authority except life insurance and variable life and variable annuity insurance."
  • Life Settlement Providers, and Life Settlement Intermediaries: Online license requests and duplicate license requests are not available.

Print a New License

Use the Producer/Licensee Search application to determine if a license has been issued and to view the license number.

To log in to NY LINX and print a license, your license number is required.

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Print a Duplicate License

A duplicate license may be requested when a license is lost or destroyed. Before a duplicate license is generated, you will be required to attest that the license was either lost or destroyed. There is a $15.00 fee for duplicate licenses. Credit card payment is the only payment option available.

To log in and print a duplicate license, your license number is required.

To get started, sign into NY LINX:


Browsers and Blockers

  • Use a supported browser: The latest version plus one previous of Edge, FF, Chrome and Safari, are supported.
  • Disable “Pop-up Blockers” in your browser before using this application.
  • Application may be unavailable from 7:30am to 7:45am daily for scheduled maintenance.
  • Applications may not be compatible with cell phones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Contact Us

If you are having problems using NY LINX or have a question about licensing, email [email protected].