Temporary Independent Adjuster Permit


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Who Can Apply

To facilitate the settlement of claims resulting from a catastrophe or an emergency, an individual not licensed as an independent adjuster in New York, but otherwise qualified to adjust claims, may obtain a Temporary Adjuster Permit if sponsored by a New York authorized insurance company.

Both residents of New York and non-residents may obtain a Temporary Adjuster Permit. The sponsoring insurance company must apply for the permit on behalf of the adjuster.

Temporary permits are issued...

  • for no more than 120 days, unless renewed. The sponsoring insurance company may renew a permit(s) for an additional term or terms as necessary to adjust the claims resulting from the declared catastrophe.
  • with respect to one declared catastrophe. In the event of multiple catastrophes, the insurance company must apply for additional temporary adjuster permits.
  • on behalf of one company. If adjusting for more than one company, each company must submit an application for the individual.

Declared Events

Once a State of Emergency related to a natural disaster is declared, DFS determines which counties are impacted by the emergency and issues temporary adjuster permits to those responding to property losses based on need.

  • In response to the damages caused by the recent winter storm in New York State, DFS will issue temporary adjuster permits to those responding to property losses across the State.


There is no fee for the temporary adjuster permit.

Establish an Account

To file an application for a permit, a designated person of an authorized insurer must have, or establish, an account with the Department. To establish the required account, the information below must be provided by email to: [email protected].

  • Name and date of birth of each officer(s) or managing agent(s) authorized to request the temporary permit on behalf of the insurer(s) along with a 4-digit pin of your choice.
  • The insurer name(s) and NAIC number(s) for all insurers for which the officer/managing agent is authorized to submit temporary adjuster permit requests must also be included.
  • Estimated number of claims received at the time of the request

File an Application

Once you have received login ID information, visit the DFS Portal to process the Temporary Adjuster Permit request. Instructions are available within the application:

Considering the recent increase in extreme weather and climate events, insurers are reminded to maintain adequate New York-licensed independent adjuster staff to respond to these events.