Bail Bonds

Bail Agent Forms



The following documents are promulgated by the Superintendent and are required to be given to indemnitors and/or principals pursuant to 11 NYCRR 28.17-18, effective March 19, 2020. Pursuant to 11 NYCRR 28.18(c), bail agents must provide these forms in the principal language used in discussions with indemnitors or potential indemnitors and principals, if the superintendent has promulgated forms in that language. The superintendent has promulgated the Bail Bond Statement of Rights, below, in English and the six other most-spoken languages in New York, which should be provided when discussions take place in any of those languages.

Bail Bond Statement of Rights

Bail Bond Statement of Rights in Other Languages


These documents contain the minimum information required by regulation and should be used as a template by bail agents and filled in for each indemnity agreement.

Receipts for Premium and Collateral Paid in Other Languages

Receipts for Premium and Collateral Returned in Other Languages