Filing Guidance

Foreign Language Translations of Policy Forms

Insurers submit foreign language translations of policy forms or other documents, typically applications, to the Department for filing.  These filings must follow this guidance below. 

Additional Submission Requirements.  When submitting a foreign language document for filing to the Department, a few additional requirements must be satisfied in addition to the standard submission requirements.  Any foreign language submission must contain:

  • a foreign language translation certificate submitted on the Supporting Documentation tab in SERFF attesting that the contents of the foreign language document are a true and accurate translation of the English version of the previously approved and or filed document; and
  • a listing of the state tracking number and form number of the previously filed and/or approved English version of the foreign language document submitted for filing and/or approval. 

A failure to comply with either of these additional submission requirements will result in the Department rejecting the submission as not being complete. 

SERFF Filing Type.  Foreign language translations of policy forms should be submitted using the SERFF filing type “Filed for Reference.”