2023 Annual Statement

Charitable Annuity Society

General Filing Instructions

In accordance with Circular Letter No 4 (1993), the Department intends to strictly enforce the statutory filing requirements of Sections 307 and 308 of the New York Insurance Law and impose penalties for any violations thereof. Penalties of up to $250 per day shall be assessed, including possible suspension of the organization's special permit, for failure to file required forms on time and in the prescribed manner outline below.

The Annual Statement is required to be submitted in the prescribed form and size (8 1/2" X 14"). Submissions in other than regulation size will not be accepted and the filing will be considered delinquent. The Annual Statement must have a "Cover" page that indicates the Charitable Annuity Society's Name and the Year.

Any correspondence and amendments to your Annual Statement must be filed in similar electronic format.

As a reminder to annual statement preparers, please maintain supporting documentation for the information reported in the statement, since this information is routinely requested for review during the Department's statutory 5-year examination.

Contact Person

On the jurat page, be sure to enter the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the Charitable Annuity Society's contact person whom the Department can reach with questions on your Annual Statement.

Signature and Notarization

Please refer to the Department’s guidance for electronic signatures and notarization and Section 135-C of the New York Executive Law concerning electronic notarization.

This website also provides specific instructions for filing the New York Charitable Annuity Society Annual Statement with our Department. A copy of the New York Charitable Annuity Society Annual Statement is available in the Download section of this Web site.

Charitable Annuity Society - Specific Filing Information

The Charitable Annuity Society Filing INSTRUCTIONS AND FORMS PACKET is a compressed zipped file; after downloading, unzip to obtain the following files:

FORMS included for Download and/or Print:

The New York State Charitable Annuity Society Annual Statement 2022 (in Excel Format) is also available from the ANNUAL STATEMENTS NY SUPPLEMENT PAGE.

Due Date & Mailing

Blank TypeDue DateHard CopyElectronic CopyWhere to File
Charitable Annuity Society Annual Statement Blank3/1/202401Email electronic copy to: [email protected]

NAIC Numbers and Charitable Annuity Society Names

To view the company listing for this blank type, select Charitable Societies List.


If you need help or have questions about this filing, please email Chacko Thomas, Life Bureau at [email protected].