2023 Annual Statements and New York Supplement

Life Insurer - General Filing Instructions

Important Reminder:

The LIFE Annual Statement Checklist & Instructions provide filing requirements for submission to the NAIC and the New York Department of Financial Services. This website also provides specific instructions for filing the New York Supplement and supplemental forms with our Department. Copies of the New York Supplement and supplemental forms are available in the Download section of this website.

Insurers subject to these filing requirements are strongly encouraged to submit copies of all annual and quarterly statement filings online with the NAIC. The following online submissions to the NAIC fulfill the filing requirements of New York:

  • National Form Annual Statement via the internet.
  • National Form Quarterly Statement via the internet.
  • New York Supplement via the internet.

Any statements not filed as above will require submission with New York.

Life Insurer - Specific Filing Information

The Life Insurer filing Instructions and Forms Packet is a compressed zipped file; after downloading the file, unzip it to obtain the following files.

  • New York State Life and A&H Supplement 2023
  • NAIC Life Annual Checklist & Instructions
  • Annual Electronic Filing Requirement Letter
  • Schedule S Addendum
  • Schedule Q Worksheets
  • Schedule Q Report and Schedule Q Interrogatories
  • Schedule Q Supporting Instructions
  • Health Insurance Claims Payable (NY) Quarterly Report (Excel Form)
  • Certificate of Compliance – Regulation 74

See the full listing of Life Insurers authorized in New York State as of Dec. 31, 2023 in the Schedule S Addendum.

The New York State Life & A&H Supplement 2023 is also available on the New York Annual Statement and Supplement Filing Blanks page.

Accredited Reinsurers

For any company that is an accredited reinsurer in New York and meets the definition of a reinsurer contained in the Dodd-Frank legislation, there is no need to file a New York Supplement.

Schedule G

Schedule G is to be submitted in its own PDF file, separate from the New York Supplement PDF file. Both pdf files MUST be contained in one zip file.

Exhibit of Captive Reinsurance Transactions

All licensed life insurers are required to report reinsurance transactions between companies in the insurer's holding company system.

Certificate of Compliance (Regulation 74)

Section 53-1.4(b) of Regulation 74 requires all licensed life insurers to submit a certificate of compliance with respect to the company’s cost disclosures and sales illustrations for life insurance products.  The certificate is included in the forms packet on this page and should be filed via SERFF according to Note U of the checklist.

Health Insurance Claims Payable (Quarterly)

The Health Insurance Claims Payable report, which is part of the New York Supplement is required to be submitted quarterly by all companies writing Accident and Health insurance in New York State.

Schedule Q Forms, Instructions & Worksheets

The Schedule Q packet necessary for filing of the 2023 New York Supplement, to be filed by all life insurance companies licensed to do business in New York, consists of the following:

Questions on the Schedule Q filing should be directed to James MacDonald, Supervising Actuary, at [email protected].

Separate Schedule Q filings for participating and non-participating business are not required.

Due Date and Mailing

Please refer to the Life Annual Statement Checklist & Instructions.

NAIC Numbers and Company Names

To view the company listing for this blank type, select Life Companies (Schedule S).


If you need help filling out your forms, email Stephen Pallas at [email protected].

NAIC Forms

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Kansas City, MO 64108-2604
(816) 842-3600

Mailing Instructions

See the Life Annual Statement Checklist & Instructions due dates and other related information.