Reporting Suspect Claims and Transactions

Frauds Case Management System (FCMS)

A report required by Insurance Law Section 405(a) must be submitted via the Frauds Case Management System as required by Regulation No. 195 Section 6.2.(a)(1). 

The system requires all users establish a User ID and password. Each investigator has his/her own unique User ID and password.

Trusted Source

For larger SIUs, we recommend the SIU specify an individual to serve as a delegated administrator called a “Trusted Source.” The Trusted Source can approve new users for their SIU. A Trusted Source must be a senior level person, responsible for making decisions about who should have access granted or terminated. Trusted Sources will be responsible for insuring that DFS is notified if they plan to leave the organization or otherwise can no longer serve in this role. They will also be required to sign a user agreement acknowledging their responsibilities.

A Trusted Source is not mandatory, but failure to appoint one will require that you contact DFS in writing each time a new user needs to be added or a current user deleted from the FCMS.

The contact information for the Trusted Source or any person who wants to use the system must include name, title, office address, telephone number and email address. This individual will be notified by email or U.S. Mail of the SIU ID and instructions for signing up to use the system.

Security is organized around SIUs, not companies. DFS can grant Trusted Source privileges to up to two different people per SIU. Please be sure to indicate the level of access being requested, i.e., as a submitter or as a Trusted Source.

Individuals and Trusted Sources can sign up via the FCMS Registration Form.

DFS Portal Applications & Accounts

DFS Applications are on the DFS Portal. To access the application, you must have a portal account. 

To get started Log in to our secure Portal:


If you have any questions on the above information, or to request an SIU ID, email [email protected].