Fraud Reporting Information and Instructions

Annual SIU Report for Life Settlement Providers

Pursuant to New York Insurance Law Section 411(e), life settlement providers are required to file an annual report (Annual SIU Report) with the Department describing their experience, performance, and cost effectiveness in implementing the Fraud Prevention Plan. The Annual SIU Report also requires information pertaining to the life settlement provider's public awareness program required by Section 411(b)(5). The Annual SIU Report and Public Awareness Questionnaire may be accessed below and must be completed and filed via email to the address shown below no later than March 15th of each year.

Please email completed and signed Reports, along with the public awareness questionnaire and supporting public awareness attachments (if applicable), via email to Christine Backel at [email protected]

Property/Casualty Insurer Fraud Prevention Plan and Annual SIU Report

Pursuant to Insurance Law section 308, all Licensed Property/Casualty Insurers Writing Private Passenger automobile Insurance with 3,000 or More Policies in those lines of business in the state of New York, and entities licensed Under Art. 44 of the Public Health Law with an enrolled population of 60,000 insureds or greater, unless licensed under §4403(a), (c), (d), (f), or §4408(a), must file a Fraud Prevention Plan and Annual SIU Report with the Department. Fraud Prevention Plans and Annual SIU Reports are submitted via the DFS portal.

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Property/Casualty Insurers Rate Evasion Form

Pursuant to Insurance Law Section 308, the Department requests information concerning the incidence of misrepresentations of the principal place where vehicles are garaged and/or driven by insured New York residents that involve locations within New York State and locations outside of New York State.

The information is submitted via the DFS Portal using the Rate Evasion Form located within the Annual SIU Report application.

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