Insurer Admission Application

All insurance companies other than non-profit corporations subject to Article 43 of the New York Insurance Law and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) must use the NAIC Uniform Certificate of Authority Applications (UCAA).

The Primary Application should be used by entities seeking a license as a New York domestic or for insurers wishing to redomesticate to New York. The Expansion Application should be submitted by all other insurance companies already licensed elsewhere.

Questions about New York licensing of insurers can be directed to the appropriate individual below:


[email protected]

Life Insurers:
Fred Bodinger: (212) 480-4912
[email protected]

Health Insurers:

Email the Health Bureau

Article 43 Non-Profit Corporations

Application requirements and instructions (PDF)

Questions, call (212) 480-3345 or email Jo Lo Hsia, Supervising Insurance Examiner.


For Licensing packages please e-mail the Health Bureau.

Accreditation of Property Reinsurers

Accreditation of Life Reinsurers