Rate and Form Filing Requirements and Checklists

Rate and Form Filings Submitted Via SERFF

The Department accepts electronic filings via SERFF. SERFF is designed to expedite the review and approval of filings and reduce the amount of paperwork for both your company and the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Rate and Form Filings Not Submitted Via SERFF

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of May 25, 2020, 11 NYCRR 6 (Insurance Regulation 195) requires that any submission of a rate, rating plan, rating rule, rating manual, rating classification, territory, or insurance contract or policy form be made through the NAIC’s System for Electronic Rates and Forms Filing (“SERFF”), except when the filer is a charitable annuity society or assessment cooperative but including when the filer is a student health plan certified pursuant to Insurance Law section 1124.

In addition, a schedule of rates of commissions, compensation and other fees or allowances to insurance agents and brokers as required by Insurance Law section 4216(e) and 11 NYCRR sections 185.9 and 187.8, and Medicare supplement insurance advertising filings made pursuant to section 11 NYCRR section 215.5(d) must be submitted through SERFF.

Below are links to our traditional Rate and Form Filing Requirements: