Market Conduct Profile Instruction: "Trusted Source" Requirement

Circular Letter No. 20 (2005) announced the required annual filing of a Market Conduct Profile by each authorized life insurer. The electronic filing of the Profile will utilize the newly introduced New York State Department of Financial Services' Portal Services. The initial Profile (as of December 31, 2005) is due June 1, 2006. In order to file the Profile through the Department's Portal, a "Trusted Source" for each company must be communicated to the Department.

An e-mail to establish a "Trusted Source" has been sent to the CEO/President of each licensed life insurer. If your company did not receive this e-mail, the following information should be e-mailed to [email protected]:

  1. Name of Insurer
  2. Name of President/CEO
  3. E-mail address of CEO/President

The subject of your e-mail should include your Company's name and the description "Trusted Source".