Life and Annuity Product Outlines

Life product outlines and guidance are provided by the Department for the sole purpose of providing general guidance to insurers when submitting life and annuity product filings in New York. Product outlines are generic in nature and may not necessarily address specific designs or features that are applicable or unique to your Company’s particular product. Compliance with the product outlines does not guarantee approval of any product filing.

Before making a product filing with the Department, review the product outline that applies to your Company’s particular product. The outlines address the filing process in general and then address the product in particular.

All life and annuity product filings must be submitted to the Department through SERFF (see §6.2(a)(2) and (3) of Insurance Regulation 195 (11 NYCRR Part 6)) unless the Department has granted an exemption pursuant to §6.3 of Regulation 195.  Exemption requests related to such filings should be made to Peter Dumar, Jr., Chief Life Attorney at [email protected].

All life and annuity filings involving changes to previously approved life, annuity, funding agreements rates, surrender values, paid-up nonforfeiture values or the supporting actuarial documentation of methodology not involving form language or content should be submitted to the Department through SERFF (see §6.2(a)(2) and (3) of Insurance Regulation 195 (11 NYCRR Part 6)) unless the Department has granted an exemption pursuant to §6.3 of Regulation 195. Exemption requests related to such filings should be made to William B. Carmello, Chief Life Actuary at [email protected].


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Individual Life Insurance


Individual Whole Life and Endowment

Individual Term Life04/14/202110/26/201804/14/202104/14/2021
Individual Universal Life12/13/202308/23/201812/13/202312/13/2023
Individual Variable Life03/08/201307/28/201003/08/2013 
Individual Life Insurance Application11/18/202102/19/202011/18/202111/18/2021
Individual Economatic Life Products09/27/201212/10/200109/27/2012 
Individual Joint Life12/19/202308/27/202012/19/202312/19/2023
Group Life Insurance 
Group Term Life07/11/201201/27/201007/11/2012 
Group Universal Life Insurance08/23/201807/03/201308/23/201808/23/2018
Group Variable Universal Life Insurance10/11/201309/09/200210/11/2013 
Individual Annuities 
Individual Fixed and/or Variable Deferred Annuity Outline12/15/202310/06/202012/15/202312/15/2023
Group Annuities 
Group Fixed and/or Variable Annuity Contracts Subject to Individual Standards07/11/202307/25/201407/11/202307/11/2023
Allocated Group Annuity Contracts Not Subject to Section 422305/21/201302/25/200205/21/2013 
Guaranteed Interest Contracts10/11/201305/06/199910/11/2013 
Separate Account Agreements10/11/201301/30/200110/11/2013 
Immediate Participation Guarantee and Deposit Administration Contracts12/14/201208/11/200012/14/2012 
Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts06/03/201307/17/200006/03/2013 
Group Annuity Terminal Funding and Close Out Contracts Outline09/24/201203/23/200009/24/2012 
Credit Insurance 
Credit Insurance05/03/201309/09/200205/03/2013 
Fraternal Benefit Societies06/06/2013 06/06/2013 
Accelerated Payment of the Death Benefit Product Outline02/19/202104/20/201602/19/202102/19/2021
Charitable Gift Annuities02/06/201909/07/201702/06/201902/06/2019
Company-Owned Life Insurance10/17/201302/28/200210/17/2013 
Immediate Annuities02/28/2013 02/28/2013 
Individual and Group Funding Agreements05/03/201301/18/200105/03/2013 
Equity-Index Products, Design Guidance10/31/2007 10/31/2007 
Fund Change Only11/01/2010   

Selected Statutes, Regulations and Circular Letters Impacting Product Outlines