Zombie Property: The Vacant and Abandoned Property Registry

The Department of Financial Services shall maintain a statewide Vacant and Abandoned Property Database for the registration of “vacant and abandoned properties” within the State of New York.  Mortgagees are to provide information on those “Vacant and Abandoned Properties” (as defined in RPAPL § 1309) within their portfolio within 21 days of when they learned (or should have learned) of the occupancy status.

Such information shall, at a minimum, include: (a) the current name, address and contact information of the mortgagee responsible for maintaining the vacant property; (b) whether a foreclosure action has been filed for the property in question, and, if so, the date on which the foreclosure action was commenced; and (c) the last known address and contact information for the mortgagor(s) of record.

Where any of the information contained in a mortgagee's initial submission to the registry has materially changed since such submission, such mortgagee shall make an amended submission to the registry not later than thirty days after mortgagee learns, or reasonably should have learned, of the new or changed information.