Free Trade Zone License Application/Renewal

An authorized insurer may obtain a special risk license pursuant to Article 63 of the Insurance Law to write in the "Free Trade Zone". In order to be licensed to write in the "Free Trade Zone", the insurer must be in compliance with the requirements specified in Article 63 of the Insurance Law and Regulation 86.

To obtain a special risk license, the "application for license under Article 63 of the Insurance law" (Application) must be completed by the authorized insurer.

Application must also be completed again annually by the authorized insurer in order to renew the special risk license. The special risk license runs from September 1st to August 31st each year. All renewal applications should be submitted to DFS by July 31st.

The Application is available in PDF and MS Word format to download.

The completed hard copy Application along with a check or money order for $2,000.00 made out to the "Superintendent of Financial Services" should be mailed to:

Mr. Gilbert Denton
Senior Insurance Examiner
New York State Department of Financial Services
Property Bureau - 4th Floor
1 State Street
New York, New York 10004

The Application should be submitted electronically to [email protected].