Insurance Information and Enforcement System (IIES)

The Insurance Information Enforcement System (IIES) is a Department of Motor Vehicles comprehensive vehicle based system that  monitors the insurance status of NYS registered vehicles. Vehicle registrants provide DMV with vehicle identification numbers (VINS) during their registration process and insurance companies use the same names and VINS when reporting any change in insurance coverage to DMV.

Insured vehicle information is used by DMV and Law Enforcement personnel and is intended to identify, sanction and ultimately remove uninsured vehicles from New York's highways.

IIES Directions

Private Keys and PIN Numbers

Have you or anyone in your organization ever applied for an IIES private key for this particular license number prior to today?

  • If YES, but it has been lost or misplaced, see Lost or Misplaced Private Keys below.
  • If NOT SURE, call the DFS Licensing Bureau at (518) 474-6600.
  • If NO, use the secure DFS Portal ID Barcode Key Distribution App to obtain your IIES private key:

IIES Software

  • Please follow the steps carefully detailed in the "IIES Detailed Instructions and Tips" page (link above) to download the software package that may be used to generate the ID cards.
  • Note: The IIES software is designed and tested to run on Windows-based computers.
  • Download the IIES Software - Version 1.2 (Updated 05/14/2019, ZIP format)
  • If you have questions regarding how to use the software, contact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles via email at [email protected].

IIES Links

Lost or Misplaced PIN numbers

If you or your company were previously issued a PIN number that has been lost or misplaced, please contact the Licensing Bureau at (518) 474-6600.

Lost or Misplaced Private Keys

All transactions are traceable back to the issuer. If a KEY is compromised or lost, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LICENSEE TO WHICH THE KEY HAS BEEN ASSIGNED to notify DFS immediately at [email protected]. Label the subject of the e-mail: “IIES – Compromised KEY” Include your:

  • License number with prefix / 3 digit ICC Code
  • Licensee name / Company Name
  • Contact name
  • Contact number

The request must come from the licensee, sublicensee(s) of the entity or designated contact person for the Company.

Not sure if you or anyone in your organization ever applied for an IIES private key for this particular license number prior to today? Call (518) 474-6600.

Problems Downloading the Software

Agents, Brokers and Company Licensees who are having difficulties downloading the IIES ID Card Generator software provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles, If you should receive the following message(s):

  • “Insufficient Rights”
  • “Insufficient Privileges” or
  • “Insufficient Administrative Rights”

or one similar in context, we recommend you contact your IT Group/Professional and ask them to assist you with the download.

Other questions/problems downloading

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

If you have questions about how to use the software, email the DMV at [email protected].


Questions regarding the download of the software from the DFS website may be directed to [email protected].  Please label the subject of the email "IIES".

You may also call us at (518) 474-6600.