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Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee (MVLEF) - Section 9110

General Filing Information for Insurance Companies

Section 9110 of the New York State Insurance Law requires every insurance company authorized to do business in New York State to collect an annual motor vehicle law enforcement fee from each holder of a policy issued, renewed, or for delivery in this state for motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.  Such fee, along with form OFM-6 (10/14), shall be remitted monthly by insurance companies to the Department of Financial Services (DFS) on or before the fifteenth of the month next succeeding the month for which the return is made.

Information about filing MVLEF electronically

Insurance companies that wish to electronically submit their Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee filings can do so via the Department's secure portal or through the Online Premium Tax for Insurance system (OPTIns) offered by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Portal Applications and Accounts

The Department allows insurance companies to electronically submit and remit certain payments and filings via a secure portal.

Trusted Source

Every company that elects to file online must identify an individual to serve as a local security administrator called a "Trusted Source". That person has the right to electronically approve new submitters and reviewers for their company without DFS intervention. A Trusted Source must be a senior level person responsible for making decisions on who should have access granted or terminated. They will be responsible for notifying the Department if they can no longer serve in this role.

To sign up for electronic filing for MVLEF, you must first provide DFS with information about the individual(s) who will serve as Trusted Source for your company. The Information you provide must include name, title, address, telephone, and email. This individual will be notified with instructions on creating an account. Please send an email containing this information to [email protected] to sign up for electronic filing for MVLEF.  DFS allows up to two Trusted Sources per company.

The Trusted Source and submitters will need to create a portal account if they do not already have one.  Select the Secure Portal button below to log into, or create, your portal account. (You may need to disable any "pop-up" prevention software you have running before using this application.)


OPTins, a product of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), has been developed to facilitate the submission of required filings and payments that are due monthly, quarterly and annually. Instructions are available at: Once you register and sets up an account, you will be able to log in, upload filing forms and submit payment online.

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