Financial Property Company Pre-Audit Questionnaire

Financial Examinations for New York Domestic Property and Casualty Companies for Examinations Commencing in 2024

The Department of Financial Services requires all domestic companies to provide certain data and documentation in advance of their financial examination.

How to Submit

Data must be submitted in electronic format. The Examination Supervisor or Examiner-in-charge will add your email address to the Department's File Transfer Application (available via the DFS Portal) so you can securely upload the completed questionnaires and related documentation. Upon being added, you will receive a welcome email from the portal. This email will contain brief instructions and a link to the application. If you don't already have a portal account, you will receive a separate email with your login credentials.

Please return the completed questionnaires no later than 45 days after the receipt of the email. Copies can be found below:

Documents and Questionnaires

The Pre-Exam Zipped Package for the prior year is also available.


If you have questions about this procedure, please email the Roving Supervisor or the EIC.