Risk Retention Groups


Section 5902(n) of New York Insurance Law defines Risk Retention Groups.

Registered Risk Retention Groups

DFS maintains a list of Registered Risk Retention Groups in New York.


The Risk Retention Group application can be found on the DFS Secure Portal.

Portal Applications & Accounts

To access this secured application, you must have a portal account. Select the Secure Portal button below to log into, or create, your portal account. (You may need to disable any "pop-up" prevention software you have running before using this application.)

Request Access

Sign in with your Portal User ID/email address and follow the steps below to obtain access to use Risk Retention Group application:

  1. Select "Ask for Apps".
  2. Select "Request Access" by clicking beside the "Risk Retention Group" application.
  3. Enter either the company's name or NAIC number:
    1. If the company name and NAIC number appears, select the company, then click on "submit request".
    2. If the company name or NAIC number entered is not shown, send an email to the Department's contact person/s listed below for assistance.
  4. You will receive a message stating "Your request for access has been received and you will receive an email notification when the request(s) is/are processed". If you do not receive an email notification within 48 hours, contact the Department.
  5. You will receive an email requesting an Authorization Letter issued by the risk retention group authorizing you to make this filing on their behalf.
  6. After the Authorization Letter is received and verified, an email notification will be sent to you to grant the access to Risk Retention Group application.

Initial Registration

After you have been granted access, use the following steps to submit the initial registration online:

  1. Sign in using your Portal User ID/email address and password,
  2. Select "Risk Retention Group" under the Tab "My Apps",
  3. Select the NAIC number to start the online registration, and will receive a message asking you to confirm your authorization to submit the registration online on behalf of the risk retention group.
  4. When you finish entering the information for each section, be sure to click on the "Update" button to save the data entered.
  5. The following documents are required to submit to the Department:
  6. You can select "Submit" either after each document has been uploaded or after all the documents have been uploaded.
  7. When all the information is entered, you can click on the Tab "Submit Form" to submit the registration.
  8. You will see a message confirming that the registration has been submitted to the Department.

Note: An RRG should not begin doing business in New York until the registration application has been accepted by the Department.

Updating Information

Steps to update the information regarding changes of the risk retention group:

  1. Sign in with your Portal User ID/email address and password;
  2. Click on "Risk Retention Group" application;
  3. Select the NAIC code of the risk retention group for the update;
  4. Confirm that you are authorized by the risk retention group to submit this filing;
  5. Make changes and save the changes by clicking on "Update";
  6. Upload supportive documents regarding the updates, and click "Submit" to complete the transaction.


If you have any questions, please contact Jin Wang or Han Wang.