New York Registered Risk Retention Groups

(as of January 6, 2020)

  • MM = RRG offers Medical Malpractice coverage
MM? NAIC# Company Name Registration Filing Rec'd. Domiciled
MM 12934 Academic Medical Professionals Insurance Exchange Risk Retention Group 08/20/07 VT
MM 13677 Affiliates Insurance Reciprocal, a Risk Retention Group  04/12/19 VT
  10023 Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, RRG   01/10/01 VT
MM 11710 Allied Professionals Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group, Inc. 10/07/03 AZ
MM 10232 American Association of Orthodontists Insurance Company, RRG 06/08/95 AZ
  12300 American Contractors Insurance Company,  RRG 12/23/86 TX
MM 10903 American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG 03/24/98 VT
  11534 American Trucking & Transportation Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 03/07/03 MT
MM 11598 Applied Medico - Legal Solutions Risk Retention Group, Inc. 02/20/08 AZ
  44148 Architects and Engineers Insurance Company, A RRG  12/13/93 DE
  13177 ARCOA Risk Retention Group, Inc. 08/20/08 NV
  13580 Arise Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company Risk Retention Group 01/22/09 KY
  14425 Association of Certified Mortgage Originators Risk Retention Group, Inc. 01/04/13 NV
  10639 Attorneys' Liability Assurance Society Inc.,  RRG 02/26/96 VT
  13795 AttPro RRG Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 07/08/10 DC
  13791 Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. 07/12/10 MT
  10174 Bar Vermont Risk Retention Group, Inc.  09/27/91 VT
MM 14487 BeaconHarbor Mutual Risk Retention Group, Inc. 06/06/13 ME
MM 12933 Bedford Physicians Risk Retention Group, Inc. 04/13/07 VT
  13010 Bonded Builders Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 09/17/09 NV
MM 11825 CARE Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Re-domiciled to VT) 04/11/06 VT
MM 12373 Caring Communities A Reciprocal Risk Retention Group (f/k/a Diapason Casualty RRG, Inc.) 10/19/07 DC
MM 10808 Cassatt Risk Retention Group, Inc.  (f/k/a VHA RRG, Inc.) 01/05/99 VT
MM 14388 Cherokee Guarantee Company Inc., RRG 09/07/12 AZ
  12172 Claim Professionals Liability  Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 09/29/04 VT
MM 13756 CMIC Risk Retention Group  12/30/15 DC
  13613 College Risk Retention Group, Inc. 05/21/09 VT
MM 13893 Community Blood Centers' Exchange RRG 12/27/93 IN
MM 15798 Community Care Risk Retention Group Inc. 07/08/15 DC
MM 11536 Community Health Alliance Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 07/01/08 VT
MM 11259 Community Hospital Alternative For Risk Transfer, A Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 05/29/09 VT
  10075 Consumer Specialties Insurance Company, RRG 09/19/87 VT
MM 11798 Continuing Care Risk Retention Group, Inc. 10/02/03 SC
  11603 Contractors Insurance Company of North America, Inc., a Risk Retention Group 12/31/04 HI
MM 10341 Controlled Risk Insurance Company of Vermont, Inc. a Risk Retention Group 09/12/16 VT
MM 14906 COPIC, a Risk Retention Group 10/19/16 DC
MM 14160 Coverys RRG, Inc. 01/10/12 DC
  10164 CPA Mutual Insurance Company of America RRG  07/07/87 VT
  13720 CrossFit Risk Retention Group, Inc. 02/01/10 MT
MM 13655 Crystal Run Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 12/10/09 VT
  15928 DAN Risk Retention Group, Inc. 12/07/16 SC
MM 43125 Delaware Professional Insurance Company, Risk Retention Group 11/09/09 DE
MM 15893 Doctors Professional Liability Risk Retention Group, Inc. 02/19/16 NC
MM 10115 Eastern Dentists Insurance Company, A Dental Society Risk Retention Group 05/30/06 VT
MM 12003 Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Company Risk Retention Group 01/11/05 NV
MM 11714 Emergency Physicians Insurance Company Risk Retention Group 09/15/03 NV
MM 11840 Fairway Physicians Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (Voluntarily ceased writing all business as of June 2017) 12/26/08 DC
MM 10842 Franklin Casualty Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group 10/04/16 VT
  11145 Golden Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (Re-Domiciled to NC as of 12/29/2017) 10/03/06 NC
MM 11581 GRACO Risk Retention Group, Inc. 02/26/03 SC
MM 16415 Graph Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 09/26/18 VT
MM 11941 Green Hills Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 03/11/04 VT
MM 12014 Guthrie Risk Retention Group 06/25/04 SC
MM 12236 Health Care Casualty Risk Retention Group 03/03/05 DC
MM 11832 Healthcare Industry Liability Reciprocal Insurance Company, A RRG 12/03/03 DC
  26797 Housing Authority Risk Retention Group, Inc.  05/18/87 VT
  11268 ICI Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 01/07/09 VT
MM 14375 Ironshore RRG Inc. (Voluntary run-off ) 09/19/12 DE
MM 12594 J. M. Woodworth Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Order of Suspension as of 3/13/2015) 09/18/06 NV
MM 15211 Lone Star Alliance Inc., A RRG 09/22/15 DC
MM 16444 MagMutual Risk Retention Group, Inc. 12/17/18 DC
MM 10697 MCIC Vermont (A Reciprocal Risk retention Group) 11/22/96 VT
MM 15738 MedChoice Risk Retention Group Inc. 09/29/16 VT
MM 13589 MedPro RRG Risk Retention Group 10/01/08 DC
MM 44237 Mental Health Risk Retention Group, Inc. 11/19/87 VT
MM 11999 Midwest Insurance Group Inc., A Risk Retention Group  06/21/05 AZ
MM 14219 Millbrook NMF RRG Inc 05/03/12 SC
MM 14062 MMIC RRG Inc. 12/23/13 DC
MM 16218 Montauk Risk Retention Group 09/14/17 VT
MM 11547 Mountain Laurel Risk Retention Group Inc. 11/17/15 VT
  14366 NASW, RRG 09/20/12 DC
  12579 Nation Weld Risk Retention Group, Inc. 06/13/06 DC
  10083 National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. 10/12/87 VT
  12293 National Contractors Insurance Company Inc. A Risk Retention Group 09/23/05 DC
MM 36072 National Guardian Risk Retention Group Inc. 01/27/93 HI
  44016 National Home  Insurance  Company  RRG 06/20/86 CO
  11197 National Independent Truckers Insurance Company,Inc., A RRG  01/03/02 SC
  10234 National Service Contract Insurance Company RRG, Inc. (Re-Domiciled to DC) 05/11/95 DC
MM 14130 NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc. 05/31/13 VT
  13792 New Home Warranty Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (f/k/a 2-10 Insurance Company, A RRG) 06/30/10 DC
MM 12275 New York Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc. A Risk Retention Group 03/31/05 DC
MM 44121 OMS  National  Insurance Company, RRG  (f/k/a AAMOS National Insurance Company RRG) 03/08/88 IL
  15208 Onyx Insurance Company Inc. RRG (Important: See Note1 below) 01/09/15 TN
  10353 OOIDA Risk Retention Group 12/13/95 VT
MM 44105 Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company, RRG 09/11/87 VT
MM 15279 Palladium RRG 08/23/13 VT
  44130 Paratransit Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (Re-Domiciled to TN 1997) 03/01/88 TN
MM 11973 PCH Mutual insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention Group (Re-Domiciled to VT 12/31/2016) 12/21/05 VT
MM 11846 Peace Church Risk Retention Group (a Reciprocal) 12/29/03 VT
MM 12918 Physicians' Insurance Exchange Resources, RRG 11/22/13 VT
MM 12507 Physicians Proactive Protection, Inc. Risk Retention Group 12/23/05 SC
MM 11513 Physicians Specialty Ltd. Risk Retention Group 10/31/02 SC
  11980 Pinnacle Consortium of Higher Education, a Vermont Reciprocal RRG 06/08/04 VT
  12497 Preferred Contractors Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, LLC 02/29/08 MT
MM 44083 Preferred Physicians Medical RRG, Inc. 10/27/87 MO
MM 15647 ProAssurance American Mutual, A RRG 03/09/15 DC
  11671 ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Company, RRG  (Entered runoff March 2010 per Best Wire article) 02/07/07 DC
MM 12608 Professional Quality Liability Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group 10/04/06 VT
  11350 Public Utility Mutual Insurance Company, Risk Retention Group 12/10/07 VT
  12209 Restoration Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Re-Domiciled to VT 2/27/2012) 12/31/04 VT
  15744 Romulus Insurance Risk Retention Group Inc. (Important: See Note1 below) 05/18/15 SC
MM 12988 Scrubs Mutual Assurance Company Risk Retention Group 06/29/07 NV
  11267 Security America Risk Retention Group, Inc. 09/23/03 VT
  P1136 SIA Insurance Company Ltd., RRG  ( files CPA Report only fiscal yr. 6/1 - 5/31) 05/20/88 Bermuda
MM 10754 Spirit Mountain Insurance Company RRG, Inc. 06/21/05 AL
  11114 St. Charles Insurance Company Risk Retention Group 07/11/01 SC
  10476 STICO Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (f/k/a Steel Tank Insurance Co, A RRG, Inc.) 09/25/02 VT
  10113 Terra Insurance Company, A RRG 03/17/89 VT
  14395 TerraFirma RRG 08/27/12 VT
MM 14347 The Doctors Company RRG, a Reciprocal Exchange  01/18/13 DC
MM 26257 The Mutual RRG Inc. 08/01/13 HI
  10084 Title Industry Assurance Company RRG 06/02/88 VT
MM 11548 United Central PA. Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 04/15/19 VT
  10020 United Educators Insurance, A Reciprocal RRG 04/20/87 VT
  16286 Universal Casualty Risk Retention Group, Inc (Important: See Note 1 below) 08/01/18 OK
MM 12915 Urgent Care Assurance Company Risk Retention Group, Inc. 05/21/07 NV
MM 15908 Urgent MD Risk Retention Group Inc. 03/28/16 VT
  12923 US Rail Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (Order of Rehabilitation 3/4/2011) 06/04/07 VT
  15956 Velocity Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Important: See Note1 below) 06/16/16 SC
  40940 Western  Pacific  Mutual Insurance Company, RRG 08/01/90 CO
MM 13154 Winthrop Physicians Reciprocal Risk Retention Group 06/24/08 VT


  • Total # RRG =  121
  • Med Mal RRG =  70
  • MM - RRG offers Medical Malpractice coverage
  • Note1: Registered in New York. Does not satisfy the financial responsibility requirements of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL).