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Coverage Expansion Through Age 29

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“Make Available” Option


Under most individual and group health insurance coverage, a dependent child loses coverage or "ages off" a parent's policy when turning 26 years of age.

Chapter 240 of the Laws of 2009, sometimes called the “Age 29” law, may extend the age of dependency and permit eligible young adults through the age of 29 to remain on a parent’s health insurance coverage in the same manner as dependents who are children. 

The law states insurers that issue a policy or contract that provides coverage for dependent children must make available and, if requested by the policy holder/contract holder, extend coverage to qualifying young adults through age 29 as dependents under family coverage.  It is called the “make-available” requirement because insurers are required to make it available at the request of the group or individual policy holder/contract holder.

It is important to note that in the case of insurance through an employer or group, the employer or group decides whether to offer this benefit to employees.  The young adult does not get to make this choice.

This benefit is separate and distinct from the “young adult option,” which is described via this link.

For Frequently Asked Questions on this option, please select this link.

Updated 10/19/2009

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