Banking, Saving & Sending Money

Using a Licensed Check Casher

A check casher is a business that charges a fee for cashing a check. In order to do business in New York, a check casher must be licensed by the DFS. Learn more here about how to safely use a check casher.

Using a Licensed Money Transmitter

Check the signs! In order to do business in New York, a money transmitter must be licensed by the New York State or be an agent of a licensed transmitter. Learn more here about how to use a money transmitter safely.

Opening a Bank Account

Over the long term, a bank account can be less costly than using non-bank financial services, and you can start to build a relationship with a bank and a financial history that will help you in the future. Learn more about how to open a bank account.

Basic Bank Accounts

New York State law requires that all banks offer consumers a low-fee bank account that meets specific basic criteria. Anyone in New York State can have a basic banking account if they meet certain conditions. Learn more about basic bank accounts.

Using an ATM Safely

Common sense is your best guide to using an ATM safely. Here are some more tips on how to choose an ATM and how to protect yourself while using it.