Insurance Help
For the seriously ill and their caregivers

If you are seriously ill and/or are a caregiver of someone who is ill, this site will provide you with the comprehensive insurance information you need. New York State residents, now more than ever, have quality health insurance options and the power to obtain affordable coverage and determine their medical treatments. Unfortunately, during a time of illness, it may be difficult to navigate through the insurance system.

Nurse giving patient medicine

When an illness strikes, the information on this site will provide you with details of your health insurance rights and how to exercise these rights to ensure proper access to health insurance coverage. More specifically, the site is a convenient, easy-to-read, ‘one-stop-insurance information center’ for all of your insurance information needs during what is often a difficult time.

If you have additional questions, you can call our Insurance Help hotline at 1-866-NYINSHELP (1-866-694-6743).

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1-866-NYINSHELP (1-866-694-6743)