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New York State Partnership for Long Term Care Program

In 1993, the New York State Partnership for Long Term Care was initiated in New York State to encourage more people to purchase long term care insurance policies. In this program, if you purchase an approved long term care policy and meet certain other requirements, you can obtain Medicaid coverage after the benefits under the long term care policy are exhausted. Qualification is based on income and you may be able to retain some or all of your assets (depending on the policy purchased). The Partnership for Long Term Care website provides more information on Medicaid Eligibility.

All New York State Partnership approved policies prominently display the logo:


In order to purchase a Partnership-approved long term care policy, an applicant must meet all underwriting rules of the insurance company. When benefits under the policy are nearly exhausted, an application for Medicaid must be filed by you or your representative.

If you are considering the purchase of a New York State Partnership long term care policy, but intend to move outside of New York, the benefits under the long term care policy will still be payable. The asset protection under the New York State Medicaid Program only applies if you are a New York State resident. Asset protection under the Medicaid Programs and Partnership Programs (if any) of other states may be available to the New York State Partnership insured if the other state participates in Medicaid reciprocity when the New York State Partnership insured applies for Medicaid in that state. Consult the documents issued with your New York State Partnership coverage carefully concerning Medicaid reciprocity and all other matters.

For more information on the Long Term Care Partnership Program call 1-888-NYS-PLTC (1-888-697-7582) or (518) 473-8083 or visit the Partnership's website.

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