Health Insurance - Top Ten Questions

Healthy New York

  1. How do I determine if I am eligible for Healthy NY?
  2. How does Healthy NY coverage compare to the standard HMO coverage?
  3. Are there any income or working hours requirements?
  4. Which insurers write Healthy NY, and are the rates the same for all insurers?
  5. How often can the rates be changed?
  6. Are there deductibles and co-payments?  What are they?
  7. Does Healthy NY cover prescription drugs? If so, how do I know which drugs are covered?
  8. Are there any medical conditions that are not covered by Health NY?
  9. Does my Healthy NY coverage automatically renew every year, or do I need to re apply?
  10. Can I keep the coverage if I change jobs? What are my rights if I am terminated?

Additional questions for Small Groups:

  1. Can I, as the owner of a small company (less than 50 employees) purchase Healthy NY coverage for my employees?
  2. Can I pass on the cost of the insurance to my employees? Is there a limit as to how much of the premium can be passed on to the employees?