Health Insurance - Top Ten Questions

Long Term Care

  1. What does Long Term Care insurance cost, are the rates guaranteed and at what age is it best to purchase a policy?
  2. What is the difference between a "partnership plan" and a plan that does not qualify for the partnership program?
  3. What kinds of care are covered under a Long Term Care policy?  Hospital confinement?  Hospice care?  Care in one's own home?
  4. What levels of reimbursement are available under a Long Term Care Policy?  $100 per day?  50% of covered charges? What?
  5. Are all Nursing Homes covered under a Long Term Care Policy?
  6. What types of benefits are excluded from a Long Term Care Policy?
  7. Am I covered by my NYS Long Term Care Policy if I move out of state or out of the country?
  8. Are my benefits limited by a lifetime maximum or other limits?
  9. To what extent does Medicare cover long term care services?
  10. What criteria needs to be met to trigger claim eligibility? What is the procedure for submitting a claim?