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Factors Impacting Damage Coverage Premiums

Premiums charged for physical damage coverages (collision and comprehensive) are based on the estimated cost of future claims for damage to, or loss of, the vehicle. Accordingly, higher-priced cars generally cost more to insure. In addition, repair cost, theft record, and the nature of damage a particular vehicle may incur in a crash impact the cost of insuring a particular vehicle. For example, vehicle A, which might be more expensive than vehicle B, may cost less to insure if it has a record of exhibiting less severe damage in crashes, or if it is stolen less frequently, when compared to vehicle B.

All new vehicles sold in New York State must have a "bumper-quality" sticker, specifying the maximum speed at which the vehicle would sustain no body damage and only minimal damage to the bumper and attachment hardware. This information can be useful, as vehicle damageability is a key factor in determining insurance costs.

Insurability will be higher, and physical damage insurance premiums will be lower, if your car has a good physical damage rating, relative to other makes and models. This rating reflects a car's strength and safety characteristics as well as its reparability and auto theft record.

Illustrations of the relative cost of insuring certain vehicles are set forth on the following page. This listing has been compiled from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) Rating Symbol program, which may be utilized by many auto insurers in New York. In 2011, ISO revised its Rating Symbol program from a 27 Symbol program to a 75 Symbol program for 2011 and subsequent model vehicles. At the same time, ISO also introduced the use of separate symbols for the collision and comprehensive coverages reflecting the differing loss experience between the two coverages. It should be noted that these collision and comprehensive symbols are subject to change periodically. Please also be aware that the following is only a sample listing of vehicles. In any case, you may wish to check with your insurance representative for an insurance cost quote on a particular vehicle before purchasing one.

Higher symbol numbers reflect greater claim cost and, therefore, higher premiums.

2023 ISO Comprehensive & Collision Symbols and Vehicle Descriptions

CompCollVehicle Description
2613Acura RDX AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 2.0L/4-cyl
4242Acura TLX 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl
5661Cadillac CT5-V 4-Door Sedan 3.0L/6-cyl
2524Chevrolet Bolt 4-Door Hatchback (EV)
3248Chevrolet Camaro 2-Door Coupe 3.6L/6-cyl
3852Chevrolet Malibu 4-Door Sedan 1.5L/4cyl
2925Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LD Regular Cab 2-Door Pickup 4x2 5.3L/8-cyl
3125Chrysler Pacifica 4-Door Wagon 4x2 3.6L/6-cyl
4035Dodge Durango 4-Door Utility 4x2 3.6L/6-cyl
2419Ford Escape 4-Door Utility 4x2 1.5L/3-cyl
5352Ford Explorer Hybrid AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 3.3L/6-cyl
4227Ford F-150 Regular Cab 2-Door Pickup 4x4 5.0L/8-cyl
3224GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab 4-Door Pickup 4x2 5.3L/8-cyl
4433Honda Accord 4-Door Sedan 1.5L/4-cyl
3035Honda Civic 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl
2911Honda CR-V 4-Door Utility 4x2 1.5L/4-cyl
3019Honda Odyssey 4-Door Wagon 4x2 3.5L/6-cyl
2943Hyundai Elantra 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl
5658Hyundai Ioniq 6 4-Door Sedan (EV)
2423Hyundai Santa Fe 4-Door Utility 4x2 2.5L/4-cyl
3954Hyundai Sonata 4-Door Sedan 2.5L/4-cyl
6160Infiniti Q50 4-Door Sedan 3.0L/6-cyl
5459Jaguar XF 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl
2630Jeep Compass 4-Door Utility 4x4 2.0L/4-cyl
3326Jeep Grand Cherokee 4-Door Utility 4x2 3.6L/6-cyl
1805Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Hybrid AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 3.6L/6-cyl
5251Kia EV6 4-Door Utility (EV)
2452Kia Rio 4-Door Sedan 1.6L/4-cyl
1923Kia Soul 4-Door Wagon 4x2 2.0L/4-cyl
5653Land Rover Discovery AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 2.0L/4-cyl
6462Land Rover Range Rover Sport Hybrid AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 3.0L/6-cyl
5362Lexus IS 350 AWD 4-Door Sedan 3.5L/6-cyl
2329Mazda MX-5 Miata 2-Door Convertible 2.0L/4-cyl
6970Mercedes-Benz S580 Hybrid 4-Door Sedan AWD 4.0L/*-cyl
2516Mini Cooper 2-Door Hatchback 1.5L/3-cyl
5155Mitsubishi Outlander Sport AWD  4-Door Utility 4x4 2.0L/4-cyl
4251Nissan Altima 4-Door Sedan 2.5L/4-cyl
2529Nissan Leaf 4-door Hatchback (EV)
2830Nissan Rogue 4-Door Utility 4x2 1.5L/3-cyl
2852Nissan Versa 4-Door Sedan 1.6L/4-cyl
6467Porsche 911 Carrera Base 2WD 2-Door Coupe 3.0L/6-cyl
2503Subaru Outback 2.5 I AWD 4-Door Utility 4x4 2.5L/4-cyl
3754Tesla Model 3 4-Door Sedan (EV)
3736Toyota Camry 4-Door Sedan 2.5L/4-cyl
3041Toyota Corolla 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl
4132Toyota Highlander 4-Door Utility 4x2 2.4L/4-cyl
4140Toyota Prius 4-Door Hatchback 2.0L/4-cyl
4339Toyota Sienna Hybrid 4-Door Wagon 4x2 2.5L/4-cyl
3832Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4-Door Pickup 4x2 3.4L/6-cyl
2433Volkswagen Jetta 4-Door Sedan 1.5L/4-cyl
4237Volkswagen ID.4 Utility 4x2 (EV)
6163Volvo S90 Hybrid B6 AWD 4-Door Sedan 2.0L/4-cyl

* ISO is the Insurance Services Office, Inc.