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Information About Bail

Bail is an amount of money, set by a court, that a defendant, friend, family member, other person must pay to obtain the release of the defendant from jail prior to trial.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an insurance product that is sold by a licensed bail agent acting on behalf of a licensed insurance company.  The defendant, friend, or family member applies for a bail bond with a bail agent and pays a premium for the bond that is capped by New York State law.  The bail bond guarantees that the defendant will appear in court when required.   If not, the insurance company must pay the amount of the bail to the court and the person who obtained the bail bond must pay back the insurance company.  

How Much is the Premium?

The premium, what you you will need to pay for a bail bond, is set by New York State Insurance Law Section 6804(a) at:

  • Up to 10% of the bond amount if the bond amount is $3,000 or less;
  • If the bond amount is over $3,000, then up to 10% of the bond amount for the first $3,000, up to 8% of the amount that is over $3,000 but under $10,000, and up to 6% of the bond amount that is over $10,000; and
  • At least $10 for a bond amount that is under $200.

Currently Active Agents

The DFS licenses and oversees bail agents and insurance companies. Our licensees must follow the Insurance Law and regulations and guidance under the Insurance Law. Amended regulations regarding bail agents and bonds will take effect on March 19, 2020.

The following licensed bail bondsmen and licensed bail agents are currently active in New York:


You may contact us for assistance or file a complaint regarding a bail agent or insurance company.