Foreclosure Relief Unit

The Department of Financial Services has created the Foreclosure Relief Unit as part of a statewide initiative to assist homeowners already in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure.

Homeowners in danger of foreclosure may call the Foreclosure Relief Hotline at: 1-800-342-3736, or visit the Help for Homeowners section of our website.

The Foreclosure Relief Unit can:

  • Provide information on available federal programs
  • Answer inquiries about the foreclosure process
  • Assist homeowners in their efforts to obtain loan modifications and other relief
  • Take complaints from aggrieved homeowners and seek resolutions with banks and mortgage servicers

Mobile Command Center

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) visits communities statewide that have been disproportionately impacted by foreclosures.

The MCC is a mobile office and staffed with DFS specialists who can assist homeowners at various stages of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure.

DFS specialists can provide information about programs that may be available to help New Yorkers keep their homes. They can also take complaints from homeowners who believe they have been subjected to lender or mortgage servicer abuses.

Photo of Mobile Command Center (MCC)

Foreclosure Relief Unit Deployments

Please see our Press Releases regarding scheduled deployments.