Holocaust Survivors Now Eligible to Receive Pensions from Poland and Czech Republic

Please be advised that Holocaust victims who were either Czech or Polish citizens at the time of the Holocaust may be eligible for payments from either the Czech Republic or Poland.

The Polish Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression administers a program whereby Holocaust victims, both Jews and non-Jews, may receive monthly payments of about PLN 400 (approximately $130). The Polish government has only recently amended the laws governing the program to allow individuals living abroad to apply. These payments are not transferable and only the victim is able to apply and, if approved, receive payment.

The Czech Republic administers a similar program through the Czech Social Security Administration that enable “participants in the resistance movement during World War II” to receive a pension. Through this scheme victims of Nazi persecution are eligible to receive lump sum payments from the Czech government. In some cases, orphans and heirs may be able to receive payment.

The Holocaust Claims Processing Office (HCPO) of the New York State Department of Financial services was established in 1997 to assist Holocaust victims worldwide, free of charge, with a myriad of restitution claims. The HCPO in no way disburses or handles funds intended for compensation.

For assistance with applying to either of these programs or for additional information please contact the Holocaust Claims Processing Office at 1-800-695-3318 or [email protected].

Updated 07/10/2015