Kurt Hirschland

Kurt Martin Hirschland was born on August 12, 1893 to Isaac Hirschland and Henriette Simon Hirschland, together they had four children.  Kurt married Henriette Hildegard Simons and together they had three children, Ruth (Putti), Marianne, and Paul.  The Hirschland family fled Germany in 1936 and lived in Amsterdam until 1939, then moved to Geneva, Switzerland.  Kurt Hirschland died on January 2, 1957 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marianne was born November 10, 1912 in Essen, Germany and died September 16, 2007 in Lafayette, CA.  Marianne married Walter Aufhauser and had two children, Martin and Mary Lou Kaye; five grandchildren, Eva and Aaron Kaye, David, Daniel, and Joshua Aufhauser, and one great-grandchild, Abigail Shayna Aufhauser.

Paul Michael Hirschland was born March 22, 1914 and died November 25, 1988.  He married Ellen B. Hirschland on August 10, 1940 and together had three children, Nancy Ramage, Roger, and Edward.  Paul was an investment banker who died of lung cancer in his home on Long Island.  He served on the boards of the National Cultural Center, the Great Neck Board of Education, and the Archaeological Institute of America.

Photo of Kurt Martin Hirschland
Signature of Kurt Martin Hirschland
Photo of Kurt, Franz, and Georg Hirschland

Recovered Works from the Hirschland Collection