Hugo and Alice Morck

Hugo Morck (b. May 30, 1875 in Frankfurt am Main), a real estate businessman, and his wife Alice Morck née Mayer (b. September 11, 1897 in Strasbourg) resided at Ulmen Strasse 33 in Frankfurt until October 1938.  Morck was arrested and sent to a concentration camp, but his wife was able to buy his freedom at which time he and his son immigrated to London.  Alice Morck, who held a French passport, remained in Frankfurt with her daughter Ann to pack up the family household.  The family’s valuables including their significant art collection were prepared for shipping from the Germany to the United States by the "Mannheimer Paketfahrt Gesellschaft M.B.H".  After a brief arrest, Alice and Ann left Frankfurt in 1939 for England to reunite with their family and then settled in New York.  The lifts never made it to the US and were instead handed over to the Gestapo in Heidelberg in January 1942.   Hugo and Alice Mork died in 1961 and on June 16, 1988 respectively.

Photo of Hugo Morck
Photo of Alice Morck
Photo of Hugo Morck in 1914
Photo of Hugo Morck at 80