Ignatz Pick

Photo of Ignatz Pick

Ignatz Pick, was a successful antique dealer and owned an antique shop on Landesgerichtstrasse 20 in Vienna before World War II. He lived with his wife, Gisela, and two daughters at Rathhausstrasse 19. He was also an artist and avid collector of paintings, sculptures and miniatures. Many of his pictures were by well known Austrian artists like Waldmüller and Ender. 

In 1940, after the Anschluss, when the dire situation for the Jews was already apparent, Mr. Pick sought to export some of his precious paintings to the United States. His wife and daughters had already fled to New York. Needless to say, Mr. Pick’s paintings were never released or left Austria. Mr. Pick’s antique business and art collection were confiscated and Aryanized. He died alone on February 23, 1941 in Vienna. His wife died in New York in 1962.

Recovered Works from the Pick Collection