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New York State offers competitive salaries and attractive benefits. For general information about employment with New York State and how to apply for a Civil Service Examination, visit the Department of Civil Service.

Executive Order No. 161 ensures pay equity for applicants for employment by prohibiting state entities from asking for the salary history, wages, benefits and other forms of payment an applicant for employment might have received from a former employer.

The Department of Financial Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Women, Minorities and Individuals with Disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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Business Unit/Division

Office Location(s)

Closing Date

Administrative Specialist 1, SG-18 Consumer Assistance Unit Albany


Assistant Actuary, SG 14 Health, Life, and Property Albany or NYC 06/30/2023
Assistant Deputy Superintendent for Life, SG-33 Life Bureau NYC 06/05/2023
Associate Attorney Financial Services, M3 Investigations and Intelligence Division Albany or NYC 06/01/2023
Associate Virtual Currency Trust Compliance Specialist, SG-27 Virtual Currency Albany or NYC 06/28/2023
Chief Actuary Market Actuarial, NS Property Bureau NYC 06/08/2023
Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, NS External Affairs & Strategy NYC 06/22/2023
Financial Insurance Supervisor and Risk Specialist, SG-31 Insurance Division NYC 06/01/2023
Financial Services Specialists 1 and 2 (Cyber Security), SG-18 and SG-23 Cyber Security Albany or NYC 05/25/2023
Human Resources Specialist 1, SG-18 Human Resources Albany 06/15/2023
Human Resources Specialist 2, SG-23 Human Resources  Albany 06/15/2023
Human Resources Specialist 2 (LR), SG-23 Human Resources  Albany 06/15/2023
Information Technologies Specialist 2 (Programming), SG-18 Information Technologies  Albany 06/15/2023

Project Analyst (Financial Services Specialist 1 (Policy Analysis), SG-18)

Innovation Policy

Albany or NYC


Senior Data Analytic Policy Specialist, SG-23 Research & Innovation Albany or NYC 06/05/2023
Senior Risk Monitoring Specialist (Financial Services Specialist 2 (Risk), SG-23)

Research & Innovation

Albany or NYC 06/06/2023
Virtual Currency Analyst (Financial Services Specialist 1(Compliance), SG-18 Virtual Currency Albany or NYC 06/28/2023
Virtual Currency Financial Crimes Risk Associate (Financial Services Specialist 4 (Financial Crime Risk), SG-27 Virtual Currency Albany or NYC 07/05/2023
Virtual Currency Senior Analyst (Financial Services Specialist 2 (Compliance), SG-23 Virtual Currency  Albany or NYC 06/28/2023
Virtual Currency Supervision Manager (Director Financial Services Programs 1, SG-31) Virtual Currency Albany or NYC 06/28/2023


Our Office of General Counsel employs staff attorneys engaged in evaluating and preparing legislation and litigation. The complexities of the law have required the development of a specialized staff of attorneys with a thorough knowledge of the law and related statutes. Minimum Qualifications include that you are be a graduate of an accredited law school with an LLB or JD degree and/or be eligible to take the New York State Bar examination. If you are in your senior year at an accredited law school, you may apply within two months of the date of your anticipated graduation. We consider applications continuously for all levels of the Attorney title series. Appointments are made from the Civil Service "Legal Specialties" eligible list.

Actuaries (Health, Life, Casualty Insurance)