Careers with DFS

General Information

New York State offers competitive salaries and an attractive benefits package. The Department of Financial Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Women, Minorities and Individuals with Disabilities are encouraged to apply. For general information about employment with New York State and how to apply for a Civil Service Examination, visit the Department of Civil Service.

Executive Order #161

On January 11, 2017, Governor Cuomo signed Executive Order 161 entitled Ensuring Pay Equity by State Employers. The Executive Order can be viewed at: Executive Order Link. More information about the Executive Order can be found on the GOER website.

Vacancy Announcements

The vacancy announcements (when available) are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Announcement Business Unit Office Location(s) Closing Date
Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Student Loan Services, NS Consumer Examination Unit NYC 04/15/2021
Deputy Superintendent for Virtual Currency, NS Research & Innovation NYC 04/30/2021


Various Business Units

The posting for legal and non-legal fall interns is now live. The Department of Financial Services offers internships for university, law and graduate students year-round. Non-legal interns must have completed one year of college at minimum and legal interns must be starting their second year of law school.  Interns are engaged in our important work including but not limited to the regulation of banks and insurance companies, policymaking, advancing consumer protections, keeping pace with the rapidly changing fintech industries, and much more!

To Apply: Please visit the New New York Leaders Portal at register for a NY.GOV account and filter for “Department of Financial Services”.


Our Office of General Counsel employs staff attorneys engaged in evaluating and preparing insurance-related legislation and litigation. The complexities of insurance law have required the development of a specialized staff of attorneys with a thorough knowledge of the law and related statutes. Minimum Qualifications: Graduate of an accredited law school with an LLB or JD degree and/or be eligible to take the New York State Bar examination.  If you are in your senior year at an accredited law school, you may apply within two months of the date of your anticipated graduation. We consider applications continuously for all levels of the Attorney title series. Appointments are made from the Civil Service "Legal Specialties" eligible list.

Actuary (Health, Life, Casualty)