What Medigap insurance plans are available?


Medicare supplement (“Medigap”) insurance is health insurance that is sold by private insurance companies to cover some of the "gaps" in expenses that are not covered by Medicare. There are twelve standardized plans "A" through L”. Please note that while every Medigap insurer offers both Plan A and Plan B, not every company offers all 12 standardized plans. Each standardized Medigap policy must provide the same basic core benefits such as covering the cost of some Medicare copayments and deductibles. Some of the standardized Medigap policies also provide additional benefits such as at-home recovery care, foreign travel and emergency care. Until December 31, 2005, an outpatient prescription drug benefit is available in some of the standardized Medigap policies.

In order to be eligible for Medigap coverage, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare. New York State law and regulation require that any insurer writing Medigap insurance must accept a Medicare enrollee’s application for coverage at any time throughout the year. Insurers may not deny the applicant a Medigap policy or make any premium rate distinctions because of health status, claims experience, medical condition or whether the applicant is receiving health care services. However, eligibility for policies offered on a group basis is limited to those individuals who are members of the group to which the policy is issued.