Homeowners & Property Insurance

These questions and answers are for consumers of financial products seeking answers regarding Homeowners & Property Insurance questions. If you are a business, Industry or regulated entity, please check our industry questions.

Are there discounts available? Please explain in detail.

Discounts are available if you have higher deductibles, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, dead bolt locks, hurricane shutters, or laminated glass.

Are there deductibles and under what circumstances do they apply?

The policy comes with a deductible that you can request to be higher or lower and there are windstorm, or hurricane deductibles for policies issued in certain areas.

Are the rates different in different locations, or how close the house it to a fire department effect premiums?

The rates are affected by local fire protection, age and type of building, and use of the building.

Are the rates affected by the type of construction?

The rates are affected by the kind of construction, such as brick vs. frame.

Is mold covered under certain situations and is there a limit for mold damage?

Mold damage is covered if it is due to a covered event. Many policies have a mold limitation for the payment of remediation services. Your policy has to be reviewed for the specific language.

What exactly is covered? Please explain the different kinds of coverage.

The building and its’ contents are covered for the named perils. If it is an all risk policy every event is covered except for listed exclusions.

What is excluded in the policy?

Some exclusions include flood, wear and tear, earth movement and acts of war.

Are certain items such as computers limited in coverage? Do you have samples of policy language with regard to these items?

Certain items such as computers, silverware, jewelry, guns, money, securities and others listed have monetary limitations. You maybe be able to buy a rider for these items.

What optional, additional, or extended coverage can I purchase?

You can purchase an umbrella policy, or rider, if available; flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program in many communities, higher levels of liability coverage, lower deductibles, earthquake, coverage for business pursuits on the premises. Just ask the producer concerning any type of coverage you may need.

Is umbrella coverage available? Is it discounted in any way?

An umbrella policy or rider provides additional higher limits for liability coverage for your home, auto and watercraft. It may also provide coverage for events not covered by your homeowners policy.